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Nan couldn’t have picked a better time to call…

I was locking up tonight after doing RSA training. I had everything packed and grabbed my take home pile and, you guessed it, checked my phone. 5 minutes before was a missed call and message from Nanna.

Instead of going straight home I locked myself in and rang her back.

Best decision ever! We talked for 20 minutes about all sorts of stuff. My favourite topic of conversation being the two occasions Nanna got a bit tipsy.

The first story was back when it was 10 o’clock closing and they were at a Lounge bar for a fire brigade do.  Before 10pm, as was the norm, everyone stockpiled their drinks.  Nan had been drinking squash, but the friend who went to the bar got her gin squash, assuming this was what she’d been drinking all night. When Nan and Pa finally left at 2am she had finished all three stockpiled drinks, not tasting the gin. She was a little unsteady on her feet, as was Pa. They held each other up and made it home safely.

The second story was after golf. They’d won because of Nan (I hope I got this right Nan?) The team persuaded Nanna  to have a sherry to celebrate. Before she knew it one of the ladies had grabbed Nan’s hand and pulled her up onto the tables as they were dancing the night away Nan looked over and saw <forgotten his first name> Plum looking over the bar. She’d been caught by a neighbour.

Unfortunately we also talked about grief and sadness. Last week Pa would have turned 90, my uncle has lost a best mate to cancer and one of my best friends lost her sister who had also battled the big C. Pa and her dad were first cousins. Life can be tough when the inevitable happens.

The older I get the more I cherish every single conversation I share with both of my grandmothers. I love that Nan never felt the need to drink to have a good time. She is fun and full of life with a cheeky sense of humour without it.

I wouldn’t even need to teach RSA if the world was full of Nan.


Class of 2013-14, shit happens!


laughingAfter delivering Certificate II in Hospitality I can’t help but share some of the happenings, comments and conversations which occurred.

By day 3 I had a total of 3 bums on seats at 9am start time. 3 more straggle in, two don’t bother to say anything, the third simply says “I’m late”. One lady withdraws, she can’t handle the swearing, lack of respect and she cannot concentrate while the others are talking over me, she simply cannot concentrate.

Two of the students are a couple, they fight in class, I have to separate them like primary school kids.

I get a message from a student, he has some casual work today. They may have forgotten we are friends on Facebook and posts what is really going on.

The couple send another student a message saying they couldn’t get to class because of the rain. The male dropped by and explains the female has been vomiting all night and they had no credit to ring. The rest of the class laughed as he left, how could they send 3 texts with no credit and what was stopping him from staying.

RSA (responsible service of alcohol) some of the class had already done this short course, so I opened it up to the public as well. The highlight of my day was the student who volunteered information about drink spiking, claiming she had taken a particular drug before, therefore knew her drink had been spiked and how to handle it, but when she reported it and in fact the CCTV footage showed the incident she chose not to press charges. I wonder whether this person was one of her contacts?

RGS (responsible gaming services). The first day for our late enrolment. Turns up over half hour late, puts head on table, goes to lunch and doesn’t return.

Topic “Source and use information on the hospitality industry”. Somehow the discussion turns to how the bible mentions on two occasions how we shouldn’t eat prawns and that is amazing considering how many people are allergic to prawns….apparently it mentions people should not be gay as well….Hmmmm…..where is he going with this? It was very timely to begin discussion of equal opportunity employment. The couple also had another fight while I was out of the room, surprised? Not!

The young man, who refuses to wear his glasses, storms out of the room frustrated, but then returns and collects his books to go home and read. Winning!

Our late starter, both in the course and every day she has ever bothered to show up, actually sat with me until the end of the day and managed to get one assessment finished. More Winning!

Topic “Safe work practices” I ask the class to relate it to a workplace they may have worked on in the past. I find out one student has never had a job, hence the blank looks.

I have a consistently late student. When asked why I am told, I was here at 9, I was having a smoke. This same learner then asks when I will be organising practical placement for them. Well that would be when you can turn up here on time, I am not sending you somewhere else to have my reputation marred.

We go on an excursion to a club, have a tour of the kitchen and cellar, learn how to tap a beer barrel and fun stuff like that. Six attend, one can’t concentrate on anything, I can kind of see the smoke haze around the head, and one is too busy holding the phone to have learnt a thing.

Topic “Cultural diversity”. Two cracking comments come up today. When asked about different cultures that they may have grown up with housing commission is one of the responses. Comment of the day, “Can you believe we have to employ someone who has aids?” Yes!

Adults bring life experiences and knowledge to learning experiences, Malcolm Knowles

This week we have been to Club Mulwala for some function setting experience. I still feel like their Mother at times. One student, who is four years younger than me, needed to be pulled into line for playing the class clown. I needed to yell ‘Respect’ to get their attention when I had a staff member address the class about the different types of coffee stations which may be required within the club.

Overall the day was fun, or so I was told by my on again off again student. We still need to work on some of the things I consider to be basics, such as which side the entrée cutlery goes on and whose side plate is whose. I don’t think some of these people have ever sat at a table to dine, so I am not sure how they can bring these life experiences and knowledge to the class.

These are just some snippets of things whiched amused me over the six months I spent with this group, comment and let me know some of your experiences.