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Give Me a Purpose!

E-learning, like technology is a wonderful thing. There are many and varied tools available. How do I choose what to use?

My mantra is not new, give me a purpose, I will then learn how to use them.

I find myself singing Give Me One Reason whenever I am faced with the challenge of exploring a new tool.

How many times have you heard of people who were terrible at maths at school, then go into a profession which they use simple calculations on a daily basis? After all those years of struggling it is finally put into context for them, they see a reason and they have no problem using it. They may be a chef portioning meals to budget, a hairdresser mixing colours or a builder ordering materials for a job.

So in 2013 I will continue to try and explore the tools which best work for my learners and I. However E-learning , like technology is so fast paced I may just find the tool I love only to find there is a newer and better version available yesterday.


Listening to music when my kids are teens

Recently, I tuned into rage, on a Saturday morning, because I knew after the passing of Robin Gibb of Bee Gees fame, I would be blessed with some of their greatest hits.  I spent the morning singing along, especially to my favourite Spicks and Specks (also my favourite TV show – Oh Spicks how I miss thee).

I posted on Facebook how I was reminded of my leaving town mixed tape. this tape was played all the way to the Gold Coast from Yarrawonga.  Spicks and specks featured on this tape along with many of my other all time favourites.

Of course someone had to have a dig at me, and I was asked “What is a tape?” (or audio cassette). Which, like music, took me back in time.It took me back to my teen bedroom. A place where every week, I sat with anticipation with my fingers hovering over the play and record button on my tape recorder, Barry Bissell’s Take 40 Australia was on the radio  and I was there ready to record my favourite songs of the day. Both buttons needed to be pressed simultaneously to record and I didn’t want to miss the intro, so this exercise required the precision of playing a triangle. Being the 80’s, many of these songs were one hit wonders, so I also had an extensive collection of various artist tapes, usually gifted to me on my birthday, and always one in my santa sack, but the home made mixed tape told a story about the person who had created it, it was created just for me, and it was all about the music.

CD’s were available, but , like all new technology, a stereo that played them was still expensive. Everybody had a tape deck, some where even lucky enough to have a dual deck which could be used to record from one tape to another. CD’s were supposed to be the greatest invention in music since man learnt to bang a couple of sticks together. They were supposed to have the best quality of sound available.

Video clips, more often than not, showed the band playing the song. Now the production of one of these clips is as complicated as a movie, and often the popularity has nothing to do with the music. My 3 year old commented to me only the other day that she could hear crazy -one of her favourite songs, but not see it., I couln’t help but sing Video killed the radio star to myself all day.

Now you can download any music you choose, store it on a device smaller than a tape and take it with you anywhere. this leads me to ponder How will my kids be listening to music when they are teens?