Top 10 School Holiday Fun

happy swimmersWhat have we actually done with the past two weeks?

I am very lucky to have two easy  to please little people.

These are the top 10 things that make them smile.

  1. staying in their pyjamas all day – my kids love a jarmie day, this is one is best done in winter
  2. baking something yummy to eat – measuring, sifting, stirring, licking the beaters
  3. eating the baking – no explanation required
  4. watching a movie before bed – because it doesn’t matter if you go to bed a bit later than usual
  5. watching a movie in bed – this usually happens because Mum and Dad want to spend some time alone and hope you crash out
  6. turning the entire house into a play centre – because one bedroom  each and a specified play room just isn’t enough
  7. going to work with mum – a treat of a day where biscuits are eaten and lunch is a special treat from the  shop
  8. hanging out with Nan while Mum goes to work – no explanation required
  9. having a family outing – my kids chose to go to an indoor swim centre, good exercise for wearing them out, and cheap for me
  10. coco pops – only allowed in school holidays at our place

It really is the simple things in life that are often the best.


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