That Perfect Moment

2014-05-07 12.51.48My son just called out to me, right in the middle of Offspring. My immediate reaction was, “Not Now!!” But he is my little man and off to console him I went.

I was sitting beside him, rubbing his back, thinking about how much I love and adore him and what a beautiful picture that would take if I went and grabbed a camera.

As I was thinking this he became distressed, needing to go to the toilet. I quickly grabbed him and rushed him in. I am sure he never quite woke in this time, just doing what boys have to do, and hopping back into his bed, all snuggled up.

There are times when I would have rushed him, thinking this is my time, please don’t take it away from me, but just for tonight, I sat and marvelled at this gorgeous little boy.

A boy who only asks for the little things like, can you please make me some new play dough? Can we make scones? Can we go to the park? A boy whom, if I let him stay up late, asks if I can put him to bed because he is ready and tired (usually within an hour of bedtime). Who is happy with one book, and then happily rolls over and goes straight to sleep.

A little 3 year old who continuously surprises me with his wit and charm. A person developing his personality, who looks to me for guidance.

I look within myself. Am I really qualified to be this person? I am far from perfect, like most people.

me and my kidsI drink too many wines and enjoy a ciggie when I am partaking. I scream at my children at times, but at the end of the day, if you ask who their favourite person in the world is the answer is ‘my Mum’.

Just for tonight. We had a perfect moment. A moment that only a mother knows. That moment when I realise the reasons I chose the crossroads in my life in order to achieve where we I am right now.

In this moment I understand a little bit more about me. A moment when I know exactly who I am. That moment when I understand who I will always be. I will always be Mum.


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