Monthly Archives: January 2013

Give Me a Purpose!

E-learning, like technology is a wonderful thing. There are many and varied tools available. How do I choose what to use?

My mantra is not new, give me a purpose, I will then learn how to use them.

I find myself singing Give Me One Reason whenever I am faced with the challenge of exploring a new tool.

How many times have you heard of people who were terrible at maths at school, then go into a profession which they use simple calculations on a daily basis? After all those years of struggling it is finally put into context for them, they see a reason and they have no problem using it. They may be a chef portioning meals to budget, a hairdresser mixing colours or a builder ordering materials for a job.

So in 2013 I will continue to try and explore the tools which best work for my learners and I. However E-learning , like technology is so fast paced I may just find the tool I love only to find there is a newer and better version available yesterday.