What happened to Christmas?

I used to love Christmas. The anticipation, the decorations, the Christmas concert, the big day out visiting both lots of grandparents (alternating whose year was lunch and whose was tea) and of course, because I am thinking like a kid, the Presents!

Now I think the retailers have ruined Christmas for me. This photo was posted on facebook last week by one of my friends (thanks for photo NS) with the comment “It gets earlier every year!!” Why would we need to buy a pudding in September? Do people really need to plan the menu this far in advance for an event which happens every year? If they buy the pudding, will they eat it? Need to replace the pudding? Eat it again, and thus be that sick of pudding by the time Christmas arrives, they will have to think of an alternative dessert.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a bit of forward thinking. Christmas club accounts are a great idea, those hampers you can pay for and have delivered are not so silly (although I am sure you end up with stuff you don’t want and should have saved the money and shopped for your own needs, just an opinion fans of the hamper), and shopping or lay buying in mid year sales for some good gifts ready to ease the pressure later in the year, all good.

BUT, I don’t want to see a bit of tinsel, hear a carole, or see pudding and cake in the shops until December 1st. Then let the magic begin. I love to see the joy on miss 4’s face when she sees decorations, whatever the occasion, she knows it’s festive, I can tell her how exciting it is that the local football teams are in the grand final, explain that the pink ladies are for people like her Nan -a survivor of breast cancer, and isn’t it exciting? Christmas is just around the corner, lets make a list for Santa (imagine how long that list is going to get if we start now).

My Grandma had a rule when her kids were little, “no talking about Christmas until after the last birthday for the year” (November 21st). What a great rule! One month to go, just the right amount of time to get excited about the build up to the big event.

So lets keep our lights and trees and tinsel in the cupboard, look forward to the festive season, keep jolly about the whole event and celebrate when the time is right. Those hot cross buns are going to be on the shelf on boxing day. Look forward to hearing from me then.



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