Amazing Amber!!

When miss 3 was a little dot a wise Mum told me of the benefits of Amber Teething Necklaces. Like a lot of advice, I filed it away in my addled, sleep deprived brain and there it stayed.  Miss 3 grew all her teeth without much fuss and I got on with the job of teaching her the joys of reading, playing and such.

Two and a half years later her little brother came along. He was a lovely baby, but somewhat unsettled and I found myself carrying him around quite a bit to calm him. When he turned 3 months he started going to his brilliant Aunts with his sister on a Tuesday and I went back to work.  Their Nan visited most weeks, and inevitably someone would have to rock him in the pusher a lot of the day. When his teeth started coming in just before 5 months my brain pushed that long buried information back to the surface and I began to search for a necklace for him.

I found a site that looked trustworthy and offered a certificate of authenticity, and decided for the cost of a few bottles of paracetamol it was worth a shot.

The necklace arrived within a couple of days of ordering and I instantly clasped it around baby’s neck. His behaviour altered almost immediately and he became relaxed and calm. All this occured in the school holidays when his Aunt takes a break from my children and looks after her own.

The Tuesday after the school holidays I dropped the children off as usual and went off to my working day. When I returned to collect them I was asked ‘Whos baby did you drop off this morning? He is a different kid!” and he was. I decided I would always keep this necklace on him.

I am sharing this more than six months later because this week my master 1 had a few  terrible nights sleep, I was up almost every hour for four nights in a row. He had cold symptoms, which I always assume means ‘more teeth and on the fourth night actually vomitted for about the third time in his life (yes mothers of chucky bubs, I can hear you swearing at me under your breath, and you are entitled to do so). The morning after the spew night, I went into the bathroom and sitting on the vanity was the necklace! My Mum had bathed them the night before, and taken it off!  Call it timing for getting over his cold (which is still snuffling him up), call it luck, call it what you will, but after putting that necklace back on, he was back to his old sleeping pattern of an uninterupted 9 hours, and the dark circles are beginning to disappear from under my eyes.

Amazing Amber!!


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